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Upload Research

Go to My Account > Researcher Dashboard

Once in the dashboard click tab Add New Product



You then will be in the Product Dashboard.

Put in your research title. Leave blank for the post area below title.



Go to Product Data and put in all necessary info as starred in red here



Click Attribute and click Add button if you need to put more info on the research paper. In this example the researcher put the Research Author, Supervisor, Location, Sampling Size, etc




Next, put your research abstract in Product Short Description. Then go to Product Image to upload your research Cover, and Product Gallery to upload your research preview (table of content, images, etc)



To make your research easily find in the platform, put relevant tags to it. Next select Categories, if you can’t find relevant categories to your research please let us know by email to or



Once done, you can either see the preview first, or just click Publish button to start selling it on the platform!



Congratulation on your first commercialization of your research!



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