Fundamentals of Takaful

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This book is to serve as a comprehensive guide on the overview of the history and development of takaful from the standpoint of its principle, concept as well as the requirements and practices of Shari’ah. In this sense, the book seeks to provide with both the theoretical and the practical aspects on the business operation of takaful. Therefore, it is suitable to both students as well as well practitioners of takaful. With its rapid growth and development across the globe, many uarters would like to have a better insight of the subject of takaful. On that note, it is firmly believed that the book would be a useful source of information and reference for those who are beginners as well as those with intermediate level of knowledge on the subject matter.

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Mohd Fadzli Yusof, Wan Zamri Wan Ismail & Abdul, Khudus Mohd Naaim Abdullah



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