Statistics with SPSS for Research

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Many students are having difficulties in learning Statistics. For the purpose of helping students to master the skills of this subject, step by step easy approach has been designed and adopted by the authors of this book. This is deemed as the best approach when the design of the content is structured and well-organized. Furthermore, a large part of the syllabus involves the mastery of manual mathematical calculation and step by step, direct instruction is the best approach in order to obtain an answer.

In addition, for students who are not so good in math-logic reasoning and dealing with numbers, this method may enable them a sure way of obtaining the correct answer by following a set of given guidelines. In order to maximize the student’s learning capability, the authors took effort in providing extra exercises that cover the manual calculation and SPSS calculation for all different chapters.

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Tay Choo Chuan, Mohd Razali Muhamad, Tam Cai Lian, Sek Yong Wee, Siti Azirah Asmai




1-2 weeks for Malaysia
5-8 weeks for Worldwide

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