Teaching And Learning Of Mathematics Using CDiCL: Making Sense Through Computers Within Teamwork

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Mathematic is a very important subject for technical and engineering courses in schools, polytechnics and universities. Moreover, the present generation of students nowadays has been exposed to technology throughout their daily life. To educate them in mathematics and science merely with traditional teaching methods (chalk and talk) without trying modern tools like computers and internet could be the biggest mistake we teachers have ever committed.

This book is to address the shortcomings of teaching and learning mathematics and sciences in the world of polytechnic with a product called CDiCL (an acronym to Compact Disk interactive within Collaborative Learning environment) from the lense of the first author teaching three establishments of learning namely schools, Polytechnic Kota Bharu (PKB) and a university in this country within the span of 25 years. In doing so he delved on some important points like anxiety and misconceptions among teachers and lecturers delivering subjects on ICT while their students look so eager to learn anything from computers.

Hopefully the book delivers interesting points for public concerns in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darul Salam. The courseware is designed using ADDIE methodology, complete and been tested fully among 137 polytechnic certificate engineering in March 2006 in Polytechnic Kota Bharu, Kelantan (MoHE) for eight weeks only. Consultants from Deakins University, Australia Dr Heather Mays, Dr Suhaida and Dr Kassim Institut Pendidikan Guru Batu Pahat MoE and feedback from multimedia experts in 2006 2nd WSEAS International Conference in Tenerife Islands, Spain were obtained. The contents is in English as the
medium of instruction in higher learning in Malaysia.

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