Enhancing Communication

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Let’s Talk and Let’s Go Global programme is an English language learning programme that aids the students in enhancing their communication skills through various communicative activities and various mode of learning. This monograph investigates whether the implementation of communicative approach and the usage of variety of familiar medium in an English language classroom have an effect on the students’ speaking performance.

Let’s Talk and Let’s Go Global programme adopted multi-pronged approach as it used several platforms as mode of learning namely classroom lessons, Facebook interaction, online learning portal, e-mailing and English language slot on local radio station. It is proven that by encouraging the students to be actively involved in their medium communication of their choice but through the use of English language, students can be more motivated and reduce their anxiety in using the second language.

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Noraien Mansor, Nina Marlini Ahmad, Suria Hani Ibrahim, Wan Nurhafeza Wan Salam, Husna Nurul Izzah Jamaluddin@Noordin and Mohd Zulkanain Mamat



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