Let’s Talk Basic Talk

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Communication plays a vital role in the era of globalization. Hence the need to impart communication skills to English as a Second Language (ESL) learners assumed greater importance. Let’s Talk Basic Talk Is designed as a course book for either group or individual study and it remains the essential text for students and teachers of English language. Specifically it aims to help learners to improve their basic communication skills. This book focuses on simple social expressions used in daily communication. Each chapter provides vital expressions with important phrases, responses, dialogues and common expressions used in English everyday. It aims to capture students’ interest to learn and practice English language social expressions in various situations.

Emphasis is given on politeness as it is an important element to be practiced and adopted in our everyday life. It is hoped that Let’s Talk Basic Talk will be an ideal coach to develop basic conversation skills and meet the needs for basic and daily conversation among ESL learners.

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