Mud Crab : Culture System And Practice In Malaysia

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Mud Crab aquaculture has been conducted for the past 100 years in China and 30 years throughout Asia, but has not reached even its optimum potential. In Malaysia, Mud Crab fisheries are confined to the estuaries and coastal areas, which support mangrove swamp development. Where, the local coastal fishers of Malaysia used to exploit the mud crab for their own consumption. First commercial mud crab culture operations in Malaysia were started in 1991 where mud crab farming is concentrated within mangrove forest area.

Recently, the increasing price of mud crabs has encouraged many coastal communities to initiate culture trials. Effort has been done to increase the mud crab culture production although the crab seeds supply are limited and breeding techniques has yet to be fully developed. This book is hopefully provides general knowledge in mud crab culture systems and practices in Malaysia especially to aquaculture entrepreneurs. At the same time, it hopefully can attract interest from local farmers and entrepreneurs to involve in the mud crab farming.

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Mohd Ikhwanuddin, Azmie Ghazali, Mohd Ihwan Zakariah & Abol Munafi Ambok Bolong



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