Setiu Wetlands, Species, Ecosystems And Livelihoods

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This book will spark in the readers an interest on the natural and cultural heritage of Setiu Wetlands. It is a celebration of the past and present efforts of researchers from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) in Setiu. It represents UMT’s aspiration to contribute via ecosystem health and sustainable use of Setiu natural resources through more focused multi-disciplinary researches.

With its three components – species, ecosystems and livelihoods – the book aims to highlight the uniqueness of this wondrous place, from the numerous species that demonstrate its rich biodiversity, to the various life-giving ecosystems that support them, and finally the diverse livelihoods that gave resulted from the time-tested nature-society relationships that the local communities have with their natural Setiu Wetlands environment.

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Faridah Mohamad, Jamilah Mohd Salim, Jarina Mohd Jani and Rohani Shahrudin



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