University-industry Partnerships: The Strength Of ICOE

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This book is written in order to make the readers to understand the importance of this relationship to human capital development, technology sharing, economic gaining and country development. The chapter concludes on unemployed graduates and the important on how they can secure a job after graduation. Generally, university is known as producers of knowledge, which stimulate the production of new knowledge. Industry operates in the pace of change in the competitive environment and rapid change in technology.

University is always seen as an institution where knowledge is acquired and human capital is develop in line with the industry demand. It also covers the research and development, knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer and knowledge integration between university and industry. The book further discuss on intellectual property including rights, benefits and challenges. Therefore in the University-Industry Collaboration it has been explored the requirements by the Wholesale and Retail and how university and industry can work together to gain mutual benefits and sustainability in the businesses. Wholesale and retailing helps in the achievement of more systematic distribution and gain economic of scale, skill and transactions.

The strategic role of the wholesale and retail industry of Malaysia particularly in job creation and socio-economic stabilization cannot be over emphasized. The automotive industry of Malaysia is critical to political and economic stability as well as social security of the state. The property development sector shall pay the required attention to issues of new accounting system, risk management, government tax policy and abandon projects for a better role in an emerging economy of the 21st century. Malaysia is moving towards a higher technology form of development and employment opportunities for fresh graduates by the industry is becoming less. In the light of these developments a brighter future holds for a strong collaborative partnership among universities and industries.

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