Contemporary Islamic Architecture Between Globalization and Tradition

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The architectural intellectual interaction sound of the Islamic world has faded away. This warning was not by concurrence but due to social and political accretions and bushed Islamic cultural retreated, recoiled and fell. The return to authentic Islamic architecture is just an extension of a long dialogue between the Islamic world and its architectural heritage which had suffered of stillness caused by the clash stun of the evolving West which escorted a declination in all branches of science and knowledge making.

The Islamic world turned to be a fertile land to cultivate any hybrid plant nothing to do with culture and therefore whatever grew and grew fast stump age remains hybrid without roots. This book has tried to questions, argue and explain some key in Contemporary Islamic Architecture. Its extensively open new perspective and view on what we ‘think’ and ‘assume’ as Islamic architecture. Different with public understanding of Islamic architecture which more focused on ‘object centered discourse’. This book has touch a fundamental question and start a journey to more discourse in Islamic Architecture.

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