Indiware : A Concept Learning Tool For Indigenous

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Supporting the needs and preferences of indigenous students in their learning activities is necessary because they are part of the resources of the nation. Hence, learning materials for indigenous students should not be designed similar to those for normal students. Limitations in terms of less computer experience and reading ability should be understood well by the designers in designing a usable courseware for the indigenous students. In fact, these students always isolate themselves in most activities, making their communication with normal students limited. So, their appreciation of learning materials for normal students is low. This does not mean that they do not want to use computer technology. On the other hand, the technology keeps on growing and learning activities are being more associated with technologies. Hence, supporting the needs of the indigenous students in utilizing learning materials is necessary.

This book describes a study that shows the positive feedbacks from the indigenous students when using learning materials that is tailored for them. It was found that the indigenous students are happy to utilize electronic learning materials in their learning activities. The learning material, which is in a form of a courseware, has been designed and developed based on their needs and preferences. In particular, data collected through interviews, and observations; in a series of experiments; reveal that the indigenous students are motivated to interact with other people, participate in the learning activities, and are active.

Readers will find the content of this book useful in terms of the facts about the indigenous people, methods in carrying out this kind of study, and elaborative discussions on the acceptance of the courseware, which was specially designed for the indigenous students and is called IndiWare.

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Ariffin Abdul Mutalib



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