Wealth Creation From Commercialisation of R&D Products Real Life Experiences of Malaysia Researchers

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Wealth Creation from Commercialization of R&D Product:  Real Life Experiences from Malaysian Researchers is a collection of personal experiences pursuing research product commercialisation. It is all about incredible achievements. It profiles four Malaysian researchers who have attained success venturing into an unfamiliar territory that is, commercialisation of research product. They  are Professor Dr. Ahmad Fauzi bin Ahmad, Professor Dr. Ku Halim bin Ku Hamid, Professor Dr. Mohd Khazani Abdullah and Professor Ir. Dr. Mohd Jailani bin Mohd Nor.

Many have highlighted the difficulties in commercialising research products, but they strived to formulate winning strategies to overcome all the mistakes, trials and tribulations in research product commercialisation. Hence, they are the champions who pave new ways to create wealth from commercialising research products in Malaysia.

This book also offers a framework of effective strategies for research commercialisation drawn from real experience of the four researchers. It provides an invaluable guidance for thinking through and planning to commercialise a research product. It is a good reading for not only researchers who are interested to venture in research product commercialisation, but also to policy makers and management of the universities, government bodies and private organisations that need to strategically plan their research product commercialisation programmes.

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Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor, Noraini Ismail & Safiah Sidek




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